While you were sleeping, gay people were getting married
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While you were sleeping, gay people were getting married in Vermont. Beginning at midnight last night, people began flocking to their town clerks [some of them] and signing pieces of paper that would allow them to visit their partners in the hospital and file state taxes jointly. While I have yet to see a news photo of a happy couple [no thanks to the AP] I'm sure today is going to be an interesting day in town.
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Hey, good for them! Now they have the right to...uhm, okay, so none of that stuff really appeals to me. Still, if it's what they want, good for them! Personally, I'd rather be dragged through a mine field by incontinent horses, but that's just me.
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news photos of happy couples
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The CNN version of the story mentions that a lesbian couple who were among the couples that filed the suit that led to the civil-unions law have been together 28 years. Since their mid-20s. Which can't be broadened into any sort of generalization and I won't try... but I'd have to work to come up with any married couples I know who've made it that long.

Warms my heart that now they can have their piece of paper :)
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Indeed it does.

My favorite part will be seeing the recalcitrant clerks get fired (and I hope we get at least one of them arrested), and watching the state governments take Congress to court over it. That will land in the lap of the Supremes -- I believe that it *has* to, and if I'm not mistaken, it's the only sort of case they are *not* allowed to turn down.

Mike? 'zat right?
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