"Killing Goliath: Life During Wartime":
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"Killing Goliath: Life During Wartime": New agit-prop weblog. Founder Tom Dolan writes: I'm hoping killing Goliath can be a voice of sane lunacy in the midst of insane rationalism... I hope to provoke some thought, among ourselves, and among the modest (or just perhaps not so modest) circle of visitors we may reach. The web can be an amazing beast.

Plus, Jennifer from Sharpeworld is an editor. Roar!!
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Without taking a position on a possible war, I had thought war helped to create jobs, unpleasant as this may seem. How do you create jobs by not going to war? At present there is no war but unemployment has not benefited from this.
posted by Postroad at 10:50 AM on February 22, 2003

Great! I'll start advertising my favorite weblogs here too!
posted by Plunge at 10:59 AM on February 22, 2003

Please don't post editorials/weblogs/etc. about the war unless they have something particularly unique or fascinating to offer. This seems to just be "yet another opinion blog", and doesn't seem to fit into the category unique and fascinating.

posted by oissubke at 11:39 AM on February 22, 2003

I don't know, I rather liked it. I haven't seen much of the material on this page elsewhere, and I am glad to find it here. The copyright-free peace posters alone were worth a link. Thanks, sparky!
posted by condour75 at 12:06 PM on February 22, 2003

postroad, i think the poster meant that the government should allocate more resources to creating jobs than to waging war.
posted by luckyclone at 12:14 PM on February 22, 2003

The web can be an amazing beast.

It helps if you can read the damn thing. Has the phrase user friendly already become as archaic as, say, phrenology ? I'm calling Serious Design Issues. White on black so sucks.
posted by y2karl at 1:23 PM on February 22, 2003

Wow, this alone would make a great mefi post:
n a six-page written decision released February 14, the court essentially ruled the journalist never stated a valid whistle-blower claim because, they ruled, it is technically not against any law, rule, or regulation to deliberately lie or distort the news on a television broadcast.
posted by skallas at 1:23 PM on February 22, 2003

Thanks Sparky. Lots of informative links and crisp writing. I'm going to keep an eye on it, even though the color scheme and type size do make it hard on the eyes.
posted by gametone at 3:12 PM on February 22, 2003

Why are some people on MeFi so negative and just plain mean? It's a shame that, no matter what the post is about, some people have to to jump all over the poster. Why not just leave it alone if it doesn't interest them? Why do some people bring it upon themselves to police the place? Thanks to those who are thoughtful, enthusiastic and further conversation and thought. You make it all worthwhile.
posted by sparky at 8:30 AM on February 24, 2003

Hey Sparky, good early-call on Killing Goliath. It's been great. I go to it every day.
posted by gametone at 3:32 AM on March 14, 2003

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