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ATTRITION.ORG Image Gallery has 4084 images in various categories that. are. funny.{could be NSFW}
posted by JohnR (19 comments total)
I missed the part where it was funny. Seems to have just taken a bunch of other peoples images that have been doing the rounds for ages.
posted by Orange Goblin at 12:20 PM on March 1, 2003

I can't wait until someone posts a Slashdot FPP. Or Fark. Or any other site that everyone already knows about. :-)
posted by oissubke at 12:26 PM on March 1, 2003

posted by JohnR at 12:44 PM on March 1, 2003

Yeah, guy getting hit with a flamethrower.. now THAT's funny.
posted by PrinceValium at 12:50 PM on March 1, 2003

off topic:

I think I missed something along the way. What does a single dot comment mean? Is it this month's pancake?

posted by billder at 1:01 PM on March 1, 2003

posted by Space Coyote at 1:31 PM on March 1, 2003

billder, look here:
posted by elwoodwiles at 1:53 PM on March 1, 2003

well, lenny bruce still rocks.
posted by grabbingsand at 2:12 PM on March 1, 2003

Funny stuff, it's actually nice to have it all in one place...

My favorite is the "Dog Sex Shop" one :-)
posted by clevershark at 4:08 PM on March 1, 2003

besides the amusing photos, there's some amazing shots there as well. If you notice in the gallery containing the photo that JohnR linked, you'll see a couple of pictures of the visible shockwave from jets.
posted by angry modem at 4:16 PM on March 1, 2003

posted by cbrody at 4:38 PM on March 1, 2003

the . is for the passing of this fpp.
posted by sgt.serenity at 5:39 PM on March 1, 2003

posted by sgt.serenity at 5:39 PM on March 1, 2003

Well, let's see...

1. I hadn't seen it before. I realize I'm not "most people", but I'm all I have to go with.

2. It's on the web.

3. It's interesting.

4. While it's been deep-linked as a part of other threads before, it hasn't been the sole-subject of a link.

Conclusion: if you don't like it please be nice, be brief, and take it to meta.

Thanks for the link, JohnR.
posted by frykitty at 7:45 PM on March 1, 2003

So what if it is old?

Shit, has been around for years...

The point of all this is... like the dude above me...

Not everyone has heard of it.

We are starting to act like an "Old boys club" now...
posted by LoopSouth at 8:21 PM on March 1, 2003

like the dude above me

Dude is a lady, and a lovely one at that. Just sayin'.
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 8:24 PM on March 1, 2003

This is a good site. Maybe you guys are more elite than me, because I don't think I've seen it before.

I don't like how this thread was shit on from the beginning though. I would have like some filtering of these images instead of bitching about the post. Ahh well.
posted by Hildago at 9:38 PM on March 1, 2003

posted by sudama at 11:57 PM on March 1, 2003

just like the (allegedly) soon to be dead iopener faf [definitely NSFW].

Funny, but all culled from other places.

Good for a giggle at times though, I guess.

I missed the defacements gallery though. had vanished last time I checked too. anyone any idea if there is another one around anywhere?
posted by twine42 at 5:06 AM on March 2, 2003

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