Só danço o Samba; só danço o Samba...la la la la la!
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There Is Only One Carnival... but a lot of sambas to go with it. Get Rio de Janeiro's 2003 songs here and, at least spiritually, join the escola (school) of your choice. It's the real stuff, guaranteed to put a spring in your step. If you get the French Fashion TV channel, you can watch the desfiles (parades) live! Oba! Oba![Some Real, WM or something required - forgive the indefinition, I'm just back from the first Carnival party and a bit drubk. Last year's songs were featured in this post.]
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Hrm, I see no Sepultura.
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Fun link, Miguel...I would love to go to Carnival someday, but for now, the music will have to suffice. There are a lot of good samba schools, but if you can't get to one, this guy might help. quicktime clip
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Travel writer Doug Lansky writes an irreverent and funny account of taking part in a Brazilian samba school in this book.
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Vidiot, your post jogged loose a memory about another book that features samba schools - Surely Your're Joking. Mr. Feynman! Feynman was quite fond of samba, loved to go to Carnaval to dance with the Brazilian girls, and played bongos in a samba band.
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I was at Mangueira a few months ago and my hearing will never be the same. This brings it all back.

Incidentally - why doesn't Jimmy Carter head to Rio and pick a flag design for Georgia? They all rock!
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Three of my girl friends left for Rio yesterday. And one of them absolutely HATES samba or any Latin American music, for that matter. I am unable to go as my residence and work permit are causing me grief. I am so jealous.*wails*

While a bit colder, and with definitely less samba, don't forget the carnevale di Venezia. Past themes have included Italo Calvino's the Invisible Cities, Travel and Travellers, and Casanova. This year's theme is "Felliniana - To mask oneself in order to unmask." Fantastico! My mask is ready for Tuesday...
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that's right, MJJ...I'd forgotten about Feynman's book -- hadn't read it in a good long while.

would love to see the Venetian carnevale, romakimmy (without mortgaging an arm and a leg.) So cool that they're devoting the theme to Fellini.

No samba there either, but I did catch one of the opening "flower battle" parades of the Carnaval de Nice (and visited the Menton Lemon Festival just down the road.)

heh-heh...half-naked chicks throwing flowers into the crowd are *cool*. [/Beavis]
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well, i don't know, Tip-up-Town, is a fun festival, not many places you can see people jump into a frozen lake, get a elephant ear, and see 1000 snow mobiles parked like it was a car show.

(see www. Inmetrodetriot.com.) (( keyword: tip up town))

It's true, Carnaval is the worlds largest party.

(i wish i had the hips for Samba)
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