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Leaflet bombing. The coalition is sending messages to Iraq. Do not, I repeat, do not repair fiber optic cables. Big brother is watching you (but apparently not sharing with UN inspectors). P.S. We love you.
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I bet George drew that pretty Saddam picture himself.
posted by Pretty_Generic at 7:46 AM on March 5, 2003

Dammit, I was about to post this. This one's my favorite.

Out of curiosity, exactly why are planes bombing surface-to-surface missiles anyway? I mean, they can't violate airspace or be used against the airplanes and would only be dangerous later on if there was a ground invas- oh.
posted by XQUZYPHYR at 7:54 AM on March 5, 2003

"I'm posting from Iraq. I found this leaflet on the street, it was dropped from an airplane." (not a real quote)

When I saw the link I was wondering where the pics came from. I imagined someone finding a leaflet, scanning it and posting it (not really the case). That made me wonder if anyone has ever seen a blog or post somewhere with something along those lines? Has anyone? Does anyone know anyone in Iraq?
posted by tomplus2 at 7:55 AM on March 5, 2003

Like Salam Pax?
posted by techgnollogic at 8:11 AM on March 5, 2003

Out of curiosity, exactly why are planes bombing surface-to-surface missiles anyway?

Because the war has already started. Some of these systems are capable of launching chemical weapons at Kuwait city and US forces out in the desert. The fewer are left around when the war starts for real, the lower the threat. Saddam has the choice of 1) tossing Blix & co. out and handing Bush an excuse for war, or 2) tolerating the piecemeal destruction of his weapons. Not a nice choice.

Tomplus2, I remember seeing a comment from an Iraqi interviewed by a Western reporter who said that when leaflets were dropped in cities, the secret police went around picking them up. Noone else dared.

I have spoken to a couple of former Iraqi soldiers and they said the leaflets, especially the "safe passage" ones with Schwartzkopf's signature were especially effective. More.
posted by ednopantz at 8:16 AM on March 5, 2003

Why is Saddam depicted as a one-armed Hitler with a new mustache in this one? You'd think they'd either do a better job of getting his likeness, or else really caricaturize him.
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The coalition is sending messages to Iraq.

What coalition?

This coalition?
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www.leaflets.org Post a scan of your leaflet and tell us your story.
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Mmmyezz, now that you mention it, it comes dangerously close to derailment, but I just couldn't resist.
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how many of those things did they drop? ;)
posted by twine42 at 9:09 AM on March 5, 2003

Just more proof that America is *good*. We fed the Afghanis, now we're warning Iraqi citizens. Doubtful that any other world power would do either of these things.
posted by davidmsc at 12:48 PM on March 5, 2003

Is it uncouth to wonder if the average Iraqi even knows what a "fiber optic cable" is? Unless they're specifically targeting the minority of fiber optic cable technicians in the country, that seems like a rather silly pamphlet.

Also, Maureen Dowd's column today is the first legitimately interesting one she's written in months.
posted by gsteff at 1:11 PM on March 5, 2003

Davidmsc - The leaflets aren't being dropped out of kindness - it's a lot more cost effective to get people to surrender than to fight them.

The starkness of some of these leaflets, especially the ones in EdnoPantz's link reminded me of something I read after the last Gulf War about how they'd originally dropped glossy leaflets with high production values but the Iraqi soldiers had quite liked them so they switched to cheap 'n' nasty versions that gave less reason for hope.

On preview, I'm not sure why Iraqis wouldn't know what a fibre-optic cable is - I do.
posted by jamespake at 1:20 PM on March 5, 2003

These are really amaturish. Is amaturish the in thing in Iraq?
posted by moonbiter at 4:21 PM on March 5, 2003

How did that Buy George W Bush a PS2 online pledge drive work out, anyway? Seems like now would be the time...
posted by Space Coyote at 8:23 PM on March 5, 2003

How come they drew Saddam with a beaver in the fiber optic leaflet?
posted by Blubble at 10:44 AM on March 6, 2003

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