Heinz makes green ketchup.
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Heinz makes green ketchup. Green ketchup? According to a Heinz representative, "Green is going to be a shocker for a lot of adults, but kids don't have those hangups". The article also says, "company executives are hoping its unexpected colour and plastic bottle - which squirts a stream so thin kids can draw with it - will attract fans."

I see a few problems here (after the novelty wears off):
1) It's supposed to be the color of spinach - I know a few kids who would have a problem with anything spinach-colored.
2) If kids are meant to use it to squirt and draw things, parents will have a little something to say about that.

So, what's next, blue salsa? Pink mustard? Green mayo?
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See MeFi from yesterday.
posted by jdiaz at 11:04 AM on July 10, 2000

Matt: why don't you make it automatically search <A> tags and warn you if it's been posted before?

Sounds like common sense to me... (but then again, who wants to halve the number of posts anyway?)
posted by Bane at 12:05 PM on July 10, 2000

I'd like to push for an editorial board. I *heart* MeFi.

Little girls riding bicycles with training wheels I push over.
posted by capt.crackpipe at 2:34 PM on July 10, 2000

I'm not sure exactly what it's called but when I worked at a supermarket I remember a mainstream product called hotdog relish. I guess the people at the factory figured everyone puts mustard and relish on their hotdog so they combined the two into one jar. So you had yellow relish. Of course the green ketchup thing is a little different then just combining two other condiments.
posted by thirdball at 5:23 AM on July 11, 2000

Poor kids. This just sounds like an accident waiting to happen...

If I ever played with my food when I was little my mom was quick to throw me a wild beating.
posted by Nyarlathotep at 9:12 AM on July 11, 2000

So, what's next, blue salsa? Pink mustard? Green mayo?
I think I have green mayo in my fridge right now.

hotdog relish sounds disgusting.
posted by kitsch at 11:53 AM on July 11, 2000

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