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Chop Chop!!! Circumcision seen to help prevent the spread of AIDS. Unfortunately, that's a little late for those already infected. You just have to hope that the people understand that it is male circumcision, and not female that helps protect.
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snap :)

personally i think education might make a bit more sense....
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This could mislead some men to believe, if they are circumcized, the risk is greatly lessened and so they wouldn't worry about it as much. If the difference between control groups is 1.1 per 100 circumcized men and 1.6 for uncircumcized, that's rather ridiculous. It could simply be pure chance. Flip a coin ten times. You might get heads seven and tails three, but that doesn't change the 50/50 odds.

It has been reported that uncircumcized men have to do more hygenically speaking than circumcized men, and some just don't. That would increase the chances for all STDs, but only for men who are generally not hygenic anyway. Bottom line: I don't buy it. The studies and statistics are misleading. Just because someone is circumcized, that doesn't make them immune, it doesn't even decrease one's chances of getting STDs to any noticable degree.
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Re: sawks
Oh pooh! That's what I get for composing these things in between doing other crap.

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ooops... missed that post... Thanks for linking the discussion sawks.
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