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The Historian of Things That Never Were: Edgar Governo collects timelines, chronologies, and histories of events that never happened, to people and things that never existed. Like who? Like Dr. Who, and Final Fantasy VII, Gargoyles, Buckaroo Bonzai, Gulliver's Travels, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and many more.
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Cool. What would be cooler is one big-ass mutha of all timelines that brought together ALL of the timelines in one tremendous mess.
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This sortakinda reminds me of the Dictionary of Imaginary Places.
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I highly recommend the Red Dwarf timeline
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Great post Iconomy - is there anything that someone on the internet hasn't got time to do?
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This sortakinda reminds me of the Dictionary of Imaginary Places.

I'll see your dictionary and raise you an Invisible Library.

Apparently not, brettski ;)
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Wow -- Asimov, Heinlein, Riverworld, Flashman... it's all here! I remember how I used to pore over the timeline of Heinlein's Future History; this would have blown my mind when I was 14. It's still pretty damn neat. You are a true MeFi icon, iconomy!
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I don't know whether to cheer the completeness of some of these works, or fear the obsessive nature of some of these people, or weep for the wasted time on these projects.

I think it's a mix of all three.
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Very cool links, thanks!
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Cool site!!

Interesting tidbit from the Mad Max timeline (no, not trying to start anything!!):
"c.2000-2003 - ("Their world crumbled..."): The world situation worsens; the satellites beam the images of social decline into homes worldwide. Money becomes less important than the products of industrial society - particularly food and fuel. U.S. soldiers invade the Persian Gulf. During the prolonged battle, the oil-fields of the Middle East are set alight, destroying fuel production. The resulting conflict depletes the already scarce resources of the industrial nations, shattering their economies. In the U.S., fuel prices reach $7 per gallon. Finally, the supply of fuel is restricted to the essential services, which are fast breaking down. The stock market collapses, creating a world-wide economic depression. Outbreaks of fighting in the cities become steadily less sporadic. Factories grind to a standstill."
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Great find, Ico! ...sometimes I think it would be fun to have a log somewhere where people could record how they got to the places they post about; I'm always kind of fascinated with how I end up at certain sites myself, because it's rarely linear, and frequently sort of amusing, and I'm always curious about other people's posts.

Anyway, this page is something else. I also liked Edgar's "dictionary"; "angst-rider" needs to be introduced to the general public immediately.
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I think about that too, taz. I usually (except in this one case, of course!) bookmark a site that I might use as a post, and when bookmarking it I change the name from, say...Joe's Blog, to Joe's Blog via Jill's Weblog, so that I can credit the source if I ever post it to my site, or to here. I think I found this via an archive entry at Muxway, but I'm not sure. Muxway is chock full of great links.
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Most excellent. [this is good]
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The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen timeline is currently exploding my little mind...

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