Reporters vs. Bush administration vs. Saddam's regime
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"Journalists" vs. The White House - MSNBC's Tom Curry reports on the Bush administration's frustration with the war coverage. Rumsfeld: “Fortunately... the American people have a very good center of gravity and can absorb and balance what they see and hear.”
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I'll refrain from adding my personal thoughts until later.
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Rumsfeld: I can’t manage what people - civilians or retired military - want to say. And if they go on and say it enough, people will begin to believe it," he said.

Wonder why he thinks that?
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Speaking of media reports, why are we not hearing lots of reports of captured WoMD sites?
Before this war started I had the impression that Iraq was positively bursting with WoMD - so far we have found none.

Silly me, I have forgotten why this war is going on again. Can somebody please remind me?
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The media already surrendered.
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"Silly me, I have forgotten why this war is going on again. Can somebody please remind me?"

From the home office in Sioux City, Iowa, the Top Ten Reasons why there is a war in Iraq.

10. Bush and Rumsfield were playing golf through the Gulf and need to play through.
9. Jay Leno wanted some troups to entertain so he could be the next Bob Hope.
8. War? Who said anything about war? This is ah uhm.. Training exercise! Yeah that's it!
7. Hollywood wants to make a sequel to Three Kings.
6. It was Colonel Mustard in the Conservatory with the Knife!
5. Will the real Saddam Hussein please stand up so we can shoot you down?
4. No wait! I got it! It's a police action!
3. It's widely known that Iraq contains the most spammers, mp3 downloaders and online porn providers anywhere on the planet so naturally they must die.
2. Haven't ya ever seen Wag The Dog?

And the number one reason why there's a war in Iraq:

1. In the words of Corporal Max Klinger: "To hell with the Geneva Convention!"
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I guess no amount of pro-government self-censorship will be enough for rumsfeld. keep those media personalities on their toes i guess, wouldn't want to lose access.
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I've never absorbed a see nor balanced a hear, but since the Bush administration is the centre of gravity now: The more common version is the green uniform. The more scarce version is the pink dress. [props to ZachsMind for the URL]

On a more serious note...

Rumsfeld seems to think he's on a talk show daily and the host will send him a list of prepared questions, which he can review and look intelligent for the viewers. Too bad no one told him he isn't on a talk show anymore. News should be reported and he should answer questions put to him by reporters, sorry, script unavailable at this time. Hiding anything are we? Just the facts, please.

Gee, why won't the networks show some of the videos from alJazeera? [tongue placed firmly in cheek] Reported here from bbc,uk

from the horse's mouth

Iranian neighbors aren't happy either

An aerial of Baghdad by DigitalGlobe's Quickbird sattelite as US kept a relentless bombardment. A defiant Iraq promised "living hell" for the Americans and their British allies.

And how would this wash on the cover page of a Washington newspaper? Das ist verboten? Yah?

While I was putting this together, the exact same photo ran on the cover of the Saturday's issue of the Toronto Star, Canada.

I suggest a photo of US special forces arresting Osama Bin Laden for a start to get the public "on side".
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I've finally broken out the Lionel Richie for the first time in months.

Cheer up everyone!
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"Middle-of-the-road, man, it stanks
Let's run over Lionel Richie with a tank..."
-- Deathtöngue Billy and the Boingers

Whaddya think?
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