Coldly beautiful, like Bea Arthur
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Beautiful gallery of ice sculptures. Well, not "scupltures" in the traditional sense of blocks of ice carved into horses and such, but rather abstract shapes, with fixed lighting. Really attractive. via BoingBoing
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amazing beautiful. thanks!
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[this is good]
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dan flavin
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Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing them.
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Awesome link. Thanks!
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Last year when the Winter Olympics came to SLC, they had an international ice sculpture contest in Provo, about 15 minutes from where I lived. Some friends and I went the night before when they were doing the carving, and then went back the next day. Of all the events going on, this might well have been my favorite. It's partly performance art, in that the audience gets to watch you work, and you have to do it quickly, and it's so transient -- many of the sculptures were barely recognizable the next day -- but at the same time, it's very material, visceral.

I got a few half-descent photos, including two of the sculptors at work, but the official gallery is a much better display of the final work.

The National Ice Carving Association has more.
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I got a few half-descent photos

Is Half-Descent anything like a combo of this game and this game?

Ha! I kill me!
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Nice images and link. Thanks!
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Just... wow. [this is good]
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So, I read the about page where he talks about how he did it...and now, I may have to try it...what great images!
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Cool! (heh heh) Thanks jonson.
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