Compassionate Conservatives are Hate Males
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Compassionate Conservatives are Hate Males

It has been a strange day today. I got a letter in the mail from a nearby church asking me to change my religion because said religion was supporting homosexuals. You know what, I'm thinking of going to their service on Sunday and letting them know what I think of their Hate mail they sent me. Deeply offensive.

Then I find out that a Shrub (George W. Bush) does not support seperation of Church and State. And infact wants to have state 'sponsored' 'official' religions!

Personally I am getting a little sick and tired of intollerance. Furthermore, I am gettign sick of Gerorge W. Bush. The man makes my skin crawl. Please, someone offer me a job outside of Texas...
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Mr. Lehrer, he say:

"I know there are those who do not love their fellow man... and I hate people like that!"

But I do so know what you mean, and agree.

OTOH... while I've been wrong before (mostly about George Sr., of whom I said in 1988 that while I didn't know who would be elected prez, I knew Bush couldn't), I don't see how Shrub can win California. Without California, you can't get a majority in the Electoral College, or you can, but it would take an overwhelming victory.

Basically, the Republicans shot themselves in the foot so hard over Prop. 187, the anti-recent-immigrants bill, that Latinos won't vote for them for a generation or two, causing a pronounced limp. :) Few Republicans have won state-wide office since, nor has a Republican presidential candidate carried the state since.

It ain't impossible. Just unlikely.

posted by aurelian at 2:15 AM on July 20, 2000

Where can I find more about this?

--Shrub (George W. Bush) does not support seperation of Church and State. And infact wants to have state 'sponsored' 'official' religions--

That scares me, but I haven't heard anything about it.

Plenty of jobs over here in Florida -- you can move under the 'other Bush' ;-]
posted by chiXy at 6:46 AM on July 20, 2000

I really doubt that statement is true. For the people that are getting sick of Bush, think about how I feel after 8 years of Clinton/Gore. Please don't give us another 4 years of the "most ethical administration in history."
posted by gyc at 9:31 AM on July 20, 2000

Then I find out that a Shrub (George W. Bush) does not support seperation of Church and State. And infact wants to have state 'sponsored' 'official' religions!

You won't find more about it, because it's simply wild-eyed partisan rhetoric. The beliefs or assertions of this Olasky fellow, taken out of context, have virtually no relevance to the beliefs of Governor Bush.

And it's absolutely ludicrous to assert that Governor Bush should be held accountable for the statements of the St. Thomas of Canterbury Anglican Church. As far as I know, he's not a member, nor is he in any way related to that sect.

Dragonboy, you are wielding exactly the same sort of hate you condemn your enemies for. You should be ashamed. If you're in Texas, why do you have a .uk domain on your email, you poser?
posted by mikewas at 1:35 PM on July 20, 2000

I DO live in Texas. George W. Bush is not interested in protecting the separation of church and state. This link is but one example.

Bush's actions and statements have repeatedly indicated he and those who 'work with him' want a return to 'decent family values' which is conservative happy-speak that means they want to LEGISLATE MORALITY. The only difference between Quayle and Shrub is George W. Bush occasionally knows when it's best just to keep his mouth shut. When it comes to church and state, they don't see why there should be an argument. To them, Christianity IS the religion of this country and anyone who disagrees with them will just have to accept their TRUTH.
posted by ZachsMind at 1:54 PM on July 20, 2000

I think the Republicans would be most happy to get rid of all of the non shiny, happy, brainwashed Christians; i.e. 'the world would be a much better place if it wasn't for all of those damn Jews, Moslems, Catholics, Atheists, Agnostics, etc.' I got this impression after watching various Republican gasbags pontificate on the evils of abortion tonight on C-SPAN.It ain't going to happen on my watch, shrub!
posted by Mr. skullhead at 6:14 PM on July 20, 2000

Zachsmind...Umm.... THAT's an opinion piece, you linked to -- I'd like to find Bush's actual policy announcement.

So far all this seems to be 'reading' between lines-- no one has any proof of concept |shrug|

Doesn't matter anyway.. it's not like the President really does anything (Just look at the last 8 years of white trash filling the white house)

The man with the REAL power is Alan Greenspan!

posted by chiXy at 6:38 PM on July 20, 2000

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