Mystery Objects
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Mystery Object. What is this?
Another mystery object. And another.
posted by plep (17 comments total)
Nice links! Am I being stupid, though, or does the link give a 'correct answer' that is not one of the multiple choices, nor seems to have anything to do with the picture on the question page...?
posted by chrismear at 2:15 AM on April 27, 2003

chrismear: No, you're not being stupid... The first one links to the answer page of the wrong object. The correct answer to that one is Crookes' Radiometer.
posted by phylum sinter at 2:19 AM on April 27, 2003

Yes! I knew it! What do I win?
posted by arto at 3:39 AM on April 27, 2003

(please please please be a trip for two to the Springfield Mystery Spot)
posted by arto at 3:40 AM on April 27, 2003

metafilter: am i being stupid?
posted by triv at 3:40 AM on April 27, 2003

triv: heh. ;)

I love the Science Museum, but I haven't actually been down there since they made it free to enter. You have to love any museum where they let you run around and punch all the buttons at once and generally behave like a five year old instead of making the five year olds behave like they are middle aged... ;)
posted by twine42 at 4:09 AM on April 27, 2003

Mystery object?
"dun-dun-dun-dun-dun dunnnn"... the truth is out there.

No seriously, these objects are.... interesting.
posted by Sijeka at 4:57 AM on April 27, 2003

twine42 - thanks :)

i went to the science museum with my girlfriend last summer, and we were drawn childlike to the "hands on" section. coincidentally, that's where all the kids go as well.

i think it's good that the museums have actually made science and their ilk more accessible, whilst not dumbing down for the sake of entertainment.
posted by triv at 4:59 AM on April 27, 2003

I used to have one of those - it turned by itself in sunlight.

It came from the Science Museum shop I believe...
posted by mook at 5:59 AM on April 27, 2003

Good stuff, plep. I guessed prehistoric dinosaur dung, but was fabulously wrong (almost) every time.

posted by hama7 at 6:16 AM on April 27, 2003

these are fun, plep - tho I was consistently wrong! I have seen these games done for antiques and archeological artifacts too - I found this one, but I am sure I have seen others.
posted by madamjujujive at 7:15 AM on April 27, 2003

My fav myster object
posted by Hackworth at 12:42 PM on April 27, 2003

mystery objects in jars? You ain't seen nuthin yet. Go here . No, I mean, be brave, take a plane and actually go here. It's wonderful and it's free of charge!
posted by terrymiles at 3:34 PM on April 27, 2003

Cheers terrymiles! Yes, the Darwin Centre is fab indeed...
(and really right next to the Science Museum).

Brachiopods in a specimen jar and two-faced sheep skull.
posted by plep at 4:17 PM on April 27, 2003

posted by LexRockhard at 5:15 PM on April 27, 2003

Another Mystery Object.

I know that one. It's one of those fat butterscotch Life Savers I haven't had since I was a kid.
posted by LeLiLo at 12:50 AM on April 28, 2003

And, the NASM Archives UFO page! (If you're an aviation maven, please feel free to help us out.)
posted by SealWyf at 8:16 AM on April 28, 2003

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