Plastic Food and Props
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Putting you off your breakfast: A searchable bonanza of disturbing galleries of plastic food and drinks. Mad props! Find the pancake! Claes Oldenberg! [From the impressive Barnard Ltd. Store, via Linkfilter.]
posted by Carlos Quevedo (6 comments total)
For whatever reason, looking at the Barnard Store site made me incredibly depressed for a minute. Then it passed.
posted by monkeymike at 2:48 AM on May 2, 2003

Are unfortunate food galleries becoming some kind of sick subgenre?
posted by kaibutsu at 2:59 AM on May 2, 2003

Great find! If you're into food replicas and you're ever in Tokyo, a visit to Kappabashi (Kitchen Town) is mandatory!
posted by MrBaliHai at 4:54 AM on May 2, 2003

This is what?
posted by Witty at 5:10 AM on May 2, 2003

I had my breakfast hours ago...
posted by klaatu at 5:19 AM on May 2, 2003

This is what?
I think it's a fruit roll-up or a used condom. Either way, it scares me.
posted by tr33hggr at 6:34 AM on May 2, 2003

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