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Worst place to be a mother: Niger according to State of the Worlds Mothers. Sweden (PDF) the best.
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Sweden [is] the best.

But of course.
Which reminds me to call my swedish mother today.
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The six indicators of women's well-being are:
...Percent of women using modern contraception...

Catholicism suxx0rs long time.
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Catholicism suxx0rs long time.

Er...I'm no fan of restrictions (legal or religious/moral) on contraception, but the stats seem to indicate* that Catholicism isn't the biggest culprit here:

Fewer than 5 percent of women use modern contraceptives in Afghanistan, Angola, Benin, Burundi, Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Guinea-Bissau, Niger, Rwanda, and Sierra Leone.

*PDF; sorry, I don't know how to link to the specific page.
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I noticed while visiting Sweden that there was an inordinate amount of women out with baby strollers, even many in department stores, something I would never have seen in the U.S.. I'm guessing this has something to do with why they're considered the best place to be a mother.
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Its almost ironic, considering Sweden is rumored to have the world's highest suicide rate.
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While the suicide rate in Sweden is too high, it's not high when compared to countries like Switzerland, Belgium, France, Austria, Belarus, Japan or Finland.

And that's no rumor.
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Though, if you need IVF help to become a mother, you better do it before you turn 35 in sweden ( in most parts of the country.) On the up, eggdonations is finally legal.
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dabitch: You're just jealous cos min mamma är bättre än din mamma! ;)
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inte då, min mamma är bäst ju! ;)
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hatten ar din! jeg snokker ikke so got svensk! er du gift?!
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heh, jo, med en dansker. (we're so international)
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Norge er best, för fan.
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Øder tis moodle in der noggin tu smacken der ouchey und vinger-slingers ur to smacken-backen und fix de morkin, yøobetcha!
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Tre svenskar och en norrbagge?
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I was hoping against hope that someone would've reeled out the obvious joke by now: din mamma shops at IKEA.

Uh, anyway, back on topic, if we can, perhaps?

I find the criteria that StC use for the wellbeing of women to be somewhat oversimplified. For instance, while there is a benefit to having "trained" personnel on hand during childbirth, many women -- even in industrialised, first-world nations with excellent access to health care -- choose to have low-tech birth with lay attendants or no attendants at all. Because these women have better access to education (in general, and specific to pregnancy and childbirth) and better nutrition and health overall, this choice is valid and more often than not the birth is without serious complications. The failure is not necessarily the availability of doctors and midwives but the general wellness and education of women.

Similarly, many women reject "modern contraceptives" for a variety of reasons: medical, ethical, philosophical or religious objections, a preference for natural family planning or an active attempt to conceive -- something which is apparently negative as StC's apparent contraceptives standard is not access to, but use of.

Once again, in instances where women are healthy and availed of education about their options and societal protection of their autonomy to exercise those options (the right and support of cultural mores) they can make a number of reproductive choices safely. Again, the touchstone here seems too narrow -- women who aren't using modern contraceptives usually have a far greater general lack of sexual freedom which should be addressed, as it comes with other, terrible ramifications such as forced marriage, FGM, disbelief of rape reports and honor killings.

One would hope that these particular strictures of perspective aren't indicative of StC flogging a particular political agenda at the expense of the big picture.

On a technical note, could this presentation have been made any less difficult to trudge through? If they couldn't be bothered to HTMLise it, the very least they could've done is make it one PDF without the extraneous images and graphic prettifying. First rule of thumb: if you want people to read your stuff, don't make it a slog for them to do so.
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I noticed while visiting Sweden that there was an inordinate amount of women out with baby strollers, even many in department stores, something I would never have seen in the U.S

Why? (genuine curiosity)
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jeg snakker dansk, men ikke godt. det har varet en lang til -- 12 ar -- siden jeg bode i jyllend (holstebro). . .

apologies for the terrible spelling and probably grammer . . . anyway, shout-out to the danes in the house. i miss my tuborg.
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er, 'grammar.'
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Selvfølgelig måtte det være en Mefi diskusjon på 'skandinavisk' på en dag jeg ikke var online... Bedre sent enn aldri - er det noen hjemme? 8)
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Denne tråden døde raskt.
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