July 23, 2000
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Do you remember when HTML seemed almost elegant?
posted by sudama (8 comments total)
Almost Elegant... on the one hand, it sounds like a good domain name. On the other hand, it sounds like a second-rate brand of pantyhose.
posted by sudama at 11:25 PM on July 23, 2000

I wonder why Paul is still wearing his safety goggles in that picture?
posted by internook at 6:14 AM on July 24, 2000

I went to school with Paul (undergrad physics at New Mexico Tech). You might enjoy his story Linux Got Me Kicked Out of Walmart.

BTW: Those are his real glasses...
posted by ewagoner at 6:53 AM on July 24, 2000

I didn't know Weird Al's real name was Paul Houle...
posted by mathowie at 6:56 AM on July 24, 2000

Those are his real glasses? They look very safe....
posted by internook at 9:56 AM on July 24, 2000

I wonder how much he's getting paid to display that can of Coke.
posted by the webmistress at 11:35 AM on July 24, 2000

I bet he eats deodorant for lunch.
posted by internook at 6:56 PM on July 24, 2000

At the moment, almostelegant.com IS available...
posted by ZachsMind at 10:01 AM on July 26, 2000

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