Ever want a really cool email address?
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Ever want a really cool email address? Like howabout @jesusisdead-getoverit.com?
Why not yourname@icantfeelmylegs.com?

DataPimp offers tons and tons of rather... umm... unique email addresses...
Unfortunately most don't pass MetaFilter's obcenity restrictions... :]
posted by Bane (4 comments total)
damnit, i got all excited until i realized you had to pay. i'll just be content with putting obscenities in front of the @ on my own domain.
posted by sugarfish at 7:08 PM on July 23, 2000

Metafilter has obscenity restrictions??
posted by Succa at 8:17 PM on July 23, 2000

O bosh the ratings. Here, for example, is an excerpt of the classic Gleetings, a tale of Pee Dog."Perfect timing," Pee Dog thought gleefully, as a startled Nancy Reagan looked up at him."Those lips! Those lips!" thought Pee Dog as he landed on the First Lady's head. "I am in love with those lips!" exulted the
Urine Canine, clutching at her ears. He felt the wife of the President stiffen as his rear paws dug into her breasts. On this unsteady perch, Pee Dog attempted to ram his rancid prod between those winsome lips. The first abortive pelvic thrust only penetrated the First Lady's left nostril, and the Pee Dick was quickly pulled out. With the second, his wet prod slid along Nancy's upper lip.
Self-promotion is the major obscenity on MetaFilter.
posted by EngineBeak at 8:27 PM on July 23, 2000

Why not just register your own dirty word URL and get whatever silly e-mail address you want. Or steel ideas from an unregistered URL site like Grab It Fast. As far as I can tell there's no lack of potty mouth domains left for us all
posted by Outlawyr at 7:04 AM on July 24, 2000

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