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serial killer art I was doing some research on the Rockefeller Laws when I came across this little pet project. Disturbing?
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This is weird.
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His name is James Wood. A painter, but also a gifted actor...and a cold blooded killer.

And Glen Rogers, well, that just ruins all those old cowboy movies for me.

This is a great site to show your friends at a gathering. Could make lame jokes about every one of them. I frickin' love it. Daniel Seibert and Nicolas Claux are my favorites. Seibert is just sick, in a real Cradle of Filth cover artist sense, but check out Claux's creepy portrait of Tom Hanks as seen in the movie Cast Away. Anyone who can link Charles Manson, Son of Sam, and Tom Hanks is someone I would like to have a conversation with.

How can you have a name like "Nicholas Claux" and not become a serial killer, anyway? I bet to this day, if he's still alive, people call him "Saint Nick."

The sixth one down on the Neil Hunter Jesperson page is real creepy, too. Just the right amount of disturbing, with plenty of surface-level cuteness.
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How can you have a name like "Nicholas Claux" and not become a serial killer, anyway? I bet to this day, if he's still alive, people call him "Saint Nick."

Not only that waste of air is alive, but he's still young, released and turned into a media whore.
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Thanks for those links. That is probably the most bizarre and pathetic story I've ever read. I wouldn't call him a serial killer, though. He reminds me of this kid I knew named Derek, who told everyone to call him by the name "Evil." Next time I meet someone like that, I'm not going to humor him.

In addition, the experts also diagnosed him as suffering from necrophilia and sexual sadism.

I hope I just misread this, or it was a bad article. One doesn't suffer from necrophilia or sexual sadism; but just is a necrophiliac or a sexual sadist. I can't believe acting like a corpse-obsessed maniac could actually make the sentence lighter.
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What, no John Wayne Gacy?
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Gacy art as used by Acid Bath.
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I followed your links to his gallery of Crime Scene Photographs.

"Some people write me and ask if i ever think about the victims.
Well, i do.
And to prove it, i have devoted this page to the victims of several serial killers.
All you have to do is click on one of the portraits below,
and they will be revealed to you, in all their glory."

This is from a released serial killer.. and his site is hosted by ("The Final Solution in Web Hosting!") is seriously fucking disturbing.
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And I thought serial killers were just performance artists.
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