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new baghdad blogger Salim Pax's friend G. now has his own blog. The writing isn't nearly as tight, but the one entry so far is intresting
posted by delmoi (4 comments total)
Very interesting, yes. I'll be following it. Thanks a lot, delmoi.
posted by MiguelCardoso at 9:35 AM on June 8, 2003

...and trying to explain for them that its allowed to keep only 2 pieces of arms ( a klashnikove and a pistol )...
Damn! The NRA moves fast!
posted by PenDevil at 9:55 AM on June 8, 2003

Give him some time... A few months of regular entries and the writing quality should spike up.
posted by kaibutsu at 1:06 AM on June 9, 2003

g. totally rocks. he made my day.

old boy needs to add a paypal link :)
posted by specialk420 at 11:12 AM on June 9, 2003

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