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The rantacular Francis E Dec : "Gangster Computer God Worldwide Secret Containment policy made possible solely by Worldwide Computer God Frankenstein Controls. Especially lifelong constant threshold brainwash radio. Quiet and motionless, I can slightly hear it. Repeatedly this has saved my life on the streets. Four billion wordwide population, all living, have a Computer God Containment Policy brain bank brain, a real brain in the brain bank cities on the far side of the moon we never see. Primarily, based on your lifelong Frankenstein Radio Controls, especially your Eyesight TV, sight and sound recorded by your brain, your moon brain of the Computer God activates your Frankenstein threshold brainwash radio lifelong, inculcating conformist propaganda, even frightening you and mixing you up and the usual, "Don't worry about it." For your setbacks, mistakes, even when you receive deadly injuries. This is the Worldwide Computer God Secret Containment Policy." Ubuweb has many sounds. Sounds are good.
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Whoa, somebody sure forget to take his meds...
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Yeah, well, "Hong Kong police use Brain Voice Read / Write Machine Murders Hong Kong people , 100% true story, please E-mail your dear people and the local news, 1*10 10*10 100*10 ..... , thank my dear Internet friend."
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More here at kook connoisseur Diane Kossy's Kook Museum. Her book "Kooks" is a treasure. I got one of these photocopies in the mail, perhaps from Dec himself, in 1985, and at about the same time, coincidentally was pulling an all-night study for calculus in my freshman year of college (shudder) when Doc on the ROQ played his recording at about 3 a.m. It was freaky to hear that when punch drunk on NoDoz and calculus. Another insane genius, a new MeFi theme.
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This is great. Not only for the "kook" aspect, but just from a bizarre sounds perspective.
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If he was a music critic, Mr. Dec would be doing a pretty neat and concise job of articulating the concepts which underpinned Godspeed You Black Emperor's last album. Actually all their albums.

If he's not a music critic, then I'm afraid he's lost me.
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The Psychic TV track referenced in the link is a classic late-night driving track. Nothing like paranoid rantings with a good beat as a soundtrack for one's late night excursions. (It took me years to find out what that track was after the first time I heard it on the radio.)
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Paging Dr. Bronner...
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Oh. My. God.

This guy sounds like Philip K. Dick reincarnate. Dec is insane. I find it strangely compelling ....must....not......listen.....again.......
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reminds me a little of kool keith/dr octagon/black elvis/etc. ...people who are devoid of any language filters are truly excellent at rhyming. not to mention ranting.
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Wow. Oh wow.

Rocks my world.

Thanks, stavros.
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