I got your tool, right here.
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So you decide to get Dad a toolbox for Father's day. Should it have electricity? A fuel tank? A computer? A built-in vacuum cleaner? A radio? No, he needs a manly toolbox, one he can use to cook steaks.
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At first, I was skeptical, but at $55 bucks for the charcoal version, I'd like to sign up for the newsletter.
posted by sharksandwich at 7:23 PM on June 9, 2003

The toolbox grill is actually great. It's a toolbox in form factor only. As a BBQ, it's hibachi-sized, very portable, and closes up nicely when you're done with it. You can take it to the beach, cook on it, pack it up, and get it home without spilling a speck of anything outdoors.
posted by scarabic at 1:43 AM on June 10, 2003

Here's my choice for the Ultimate Outdoor Grill

The Thermos Grill-2-Go Fire and Ice is much more than an outdoor barbecue. In addition to its large grilling surface, this unit sports a 10-gallon cooler! It has cup holders, a built-in bottle opener, storage shelves for the chef and a rust-resistant housing that ensures its durability. Its wide rubber tires traverse gravel, grass, dirt and concrete, so it's portable to just about any outdoor location of your choosing -- yard, beach, campground.
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