I've got some ocean front property in Arizona, from my front porch you can see the sea...
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The Coral Calcium scam. Coral Calcium products are on fire right now, with infomercials and brochures claiming that the miracle supplements can cure everything from fatigue to cancer. Of course there is no scientific evidence supporting any of these claims and one of the two men featured in the infomercials is a convicted felon named Kevin Trudeau. New FTC actions are ongoing and The Mayo Clinic has just sent out a letter to patients warning that the broad range of benefits claimed by those marketing some Coral Calcium products are simply too good to be true and that if the calcium indeed comes form the Okinawa area as claimed, it could be contaminated with lead.
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More about that great fellow Trudeau
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That Mercury-News coral calcium story comes complete with four different links on a sidebar for places you can buy "Barefoot-endorsed" coral calcium. I think I'll pick up some to go with my colloidal silver.
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"all i know is--"
(pixies ref. response here)
between citrate and carbonate, one absorbs a bit better
and i always forget which

*fetches soymilk*
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Oh boy, my mother-in-law swears by this stuff.

I bought some for my wife too, because of her family tendency towards Osteoporosis. (* sighs * )
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Business as usual.
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Not being up on the latest in pseudoscientific health fads, I've had no exposure to this other than receiving a bafflingly huge quantity of spam advertising the stuff. Generally if a product is spamvertised it presents itself as being of dubious effectiveness at best.
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Yep, nothing better than quack environmental destruction. Maybe we can get some rhino horn and shark cartilage to go with it. Has anyone found any supposed health benefits from Koalas or Pandas yet?
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I hear goat glands are about to make a big comeback.
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All Things Considered had an interesting feature about this yesterday. Perhaps the most interesting aspect was that they tested various calcium supplements to verify the advertised dosage and find anything else....they did find lead in one of the coral calcium supplements.

On a side note, if you are looking for a good calcium supplement, viactiv is the best thing since sliced bread IMHO.
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Suppliments in general are a joke because most of it is not in a form usable by the body. It's like eating iron shaveings won't work.
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Badgermann: Has anyone found any supposed health benefits from Koalas or Pandas yet?

No, but they sure taste good.


Re: the coral calcium thing -- it truly never, never fails to boggle my mind that some people actually fall for this crap. It's beyond "gullible".
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Aren't most coral beds protected marine sancturaries?
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My dad has been trying to get me to start taking coral calcium weeks. Think I'll print this out and send it to him.
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1) Fly out to Great Barrier Reef

2) ?? (but involving explosives and hammers)


Plus, it's kinda like strip mining the ocean, after you stun all the fish on the reef with cyanide and explosives, of course.

I can see the slogans now...

"Coral Calcium... Don't Let a Good Reef Go To Waste"
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I have seen plenty of people in our osteopathic treatment wing with problems related to Coral Calcium use.
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