Sketches at the Eyepiece
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Sketches at the Eyepiece. Drawings of the Moon, the Sun, planets and other astronomical objects.
Also The Face of the Moon: Galileo to Apollo. A catalogue of rare books and maps, with images.
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Both links via the Moon Maiden, astronomy picture of the day from a few days back. (Along with Inconstant Moon, virtual tours of the lunar surface, which has been posted before).
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... And exactly one year ago... Is that serendipity or what?
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that's just spooky plep. I just dialed-up to find an image of the moon.

here is the Consolidated Lunar Atlas which I've visited many times and still yet to get to the bottom of.
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Thanks, plep! It's a time-honored tradition for amateur astronomers to record their eyepiece views in this way, and sketching is one of the best ways to improve your visual observing skills. It's something I want to start doing myself if I ever get a clear night around here.

Any other astronomers care to suggest sketching materials or techniques? To date I haven't begun keeping a log book and this is something I'd like to try and do right.
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Cheers, plep - I particularly appreciated the historical sketches. And learned a new word - selenography!
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Very nice and interesting stuff plep!
But how could you forget about the amazing images from Le Voyage dans la Lune? ;-)
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mjjj :- I depend on you to flesh this sort of stuff out. Thanks. :)
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Nice post. Astronomical sketching is a skill I've never been able to quite pick up to my satisfaction, despite trying almost every summer (winter's too damn cold - I just want to look and move along).

Lots of people post their sketches on the web, but I find Bill Greer's sketches just exquisite.
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