Fountains of the World
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Aqueduct Magazine has a feature highlighting the finest examples of public artworks that celebrate water. These range from grand to kind of freaky and they even offer a screensaver tribute to same.
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Actually, I should note that these seem to be just the best water art in California. I'm sure that other places like say, Las Vegas or Rome, for example, would have some pretty sweet fountains as well.
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What's cool about these, BP, is that they're not necessarily all "fountains"... I found the solution to emergency spillage ponds negatively impacting homeowners' views to be inventive and a great compromise between public safety and respecting property value.
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Interesting post, thanks. And what is Aqueduct magazine?

'A3, published four times a year online with two printed bonus issues in the Spring and Fall, is the West's oldest, premier magazine dedicated to demonstrating the connection of water to our daily lives. Because there is more to water than just pipes and canals, A3 examines and anticipates the many pathways and issues that surround this precious resource.

"The mission of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is to provide its service area with adequate and reliable supplies of high-quality water to meet present and future needs in an environmentally and economically responsible way."'
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Crunchburger- I don't know what Aqueduct magazine is, really, beyond the context of this post. You're right, though, I found this site because I was doing some research at work at the MWD of SoCal website and they linked to Aqueduct's site. Not being from CA I don't know much about what the MWD actually does, either.

Anyway, I think it's cool that there is a magazine to "examine the connection of water to our daily lives". There should be more. I love water.
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That's from their staff page - I was kind of unclear there, sorry. I was just curious myself as to what it was and thought others might be too.

Agreed that it is a cool idea for a magazine.
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When I think of public waterworks, I think of the Benson Bubblers. They may not be art, but I do think they are sculptural. These public drinking fountains in Portland, Oregon go a long way to making downtown a friendly place. My favorite non-utilitarian fountains in Portland are the otters in the Animals in Pools series, also downtown.
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