tessellating animation
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tessellating animation
posted by crunchland (13 comments total)

god those are good. Bye bye afternoon... ;)
posted by twine42 at 5:54 AM on July 8, 2003

wow, those are great! Like M.C. Escher, but more colorful. Anyone has some info on how he/she does this ? The explanation on the site is not really useful
posted by swordfishtrombones at 6:31 AM on July 8, 2003

thats mindblowing. Reminds me of insanity (thousands of tesselated birds in rows singing, doing the Hail Caesar, then morphinh into Mr. T who says "didn't wanna be a mean guy! wann'ed to be a dancer!")
posted by ac at 6:33 AM on July 8, 2003

also I just wanna say this is a perfect example of what a good mefi post should be. not some celebrity dying or quadruple post about Google and whatnot. thanks crunch.
posted by ac at 6:43 AM on July 8, 2003

posted by dabitch at 7:15 AM on July 8, 2003

Times ten here.
posted by alms at 7:26 AM on July 8, 2003

Alms, thank you very, very much.

And [this is great!]
posted by Civil_Disobedient at 7:39 AM on July 8, 2003

Very cool. It reminds me of Penrose tiles, a pair of shapes that only tile aperiodically -- if you tiled an infinite plane with them, you'd never be able to find the rectangular* region that repeats itself to make up the pattern, because there isn't one.

Me, someday I want to build a house, and I want to have the kitchen or a porch or something tiled with Penrose tiles; maybe one of the mandala-looking tesselations. Then my kitchen (or whatever) will be at the center of an infinite, nonrepeating universe.

*parallelogram-ular? I can never remember
posted by ROU_Xenophobe at 7:43 AM on July 8, 2003

Great post. The actual tesselations are mostly a little more crude in concept than Escher's (but then, whose wouldn't be?) but most make up for that in the way they're animated. I especially enjoy swimming with sharks.
posted by soyjoy at 7:45 AM on July 8, 2003

crunchland, you are a prince among men!

Some of the jigsaw puzzles here are fun. I'm still working on the "8 Cats"...
posted by taz at 10:51 AM on July 8, 2003

Very cool!

Yeah, and I have an AOL account as well, wanna make something of it?
posted by inpHilltr8r at 3:37 PM on July 8, 2003

[this is good]
posted by dg at 6:02 PM on July 8, 2003

Whoa. I like the pop-up.
posted by carter at 7:00 PM on July 8, 2003

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