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munktiki ~ cool tiki mugs, rumba cups, and monster shots.
posted by crunchland (10 comments total)
Very cool! Warning to others though: Noisy!
posted by jonson at 10:20 AM on July 9, 2003

Very cool indeed, but sadly, also very expensive. Thanks for the link, crunchy.
posted by Ufez Jones at 10:28 AM on July 9, 2003

I want everything on that site. Also, check out Tiki Farm for more cool drinkware.
posted by MrBaliHai at 10:57 AM on July 9, 2003

Great Link. When in Vancouver I'd recommend a visit to the Waldorf Hotel's Polynesian Room.
posted by btwillig at 11:43 AM on July 9, 2003

As I sit here in my office, shelves festooned with my Tiki collection, I can help but desire each and every one of those beauts. (My favorite Tiki mug of the moment is my vintage Mr. Bali Hai, not to be confused with MrBaliHai.)
posted by ScottUltra at 11:55 AM on July 9, 2003

not to be confused with MrBaliHai

I dunno, I think he looks just like me. Here's a picture of me with my pal, Ronald Reagan.
posted by MrBaliHai at 12:35 PM on July 9, 2003

TikiFarm has the designs used at Trader Vic's, which, growing up in L.A., was the only Beverly Hills restaurant my parents would take me to. Cool decor, fun food (for a kid!), and frequent celebrity sightings (the biggest - for me - was Walt Disney, and his autograph did kinda look like the logo). Forget the mai tais, I want coco shrimp...
posted by wendell at 1:51 PM on July 9, 2003

Sweet! We're moving this weekend, and now I know how I want to decorate my bar!
posted by tr33hggr at 2:01 PM on July 9, 2003

Are there any sites out there that just collect links to cool stuff you can buy online? Maybe a shopping blog?
posted by Doug at 6:15 PM on July 9, 2003

Gizmodo (tech gadgets) and Lovely Living (girly stuff and collectibles) are two good ones. There was a fantastic modern furnishings weblog but I don't know what happened to it. I wish there were more.
posted by iconomy at 6:47 PM on July 9, 2003

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