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Stone inhabitants and extraordinary houses of Prague. More at the Praha experience.
If you like this, you might also like fifty doors of Paris and San Francisco.
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Wow. Two of my closet obsessions in one mf day - book jackets and doors! God those doors of Paris are so beautiful. And can someone please buy me this house? Anyone?

Great links, as always. I need a [this is good, plep! thanks!] button on my keyboard ;)
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Likewise, two of my obsessions (painted naked women & architectural design!). Thanks, Plep; as a side note, the last two links (Paris & San Francisco) really make the post, thanks for going the extra mile!
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Great post plep. (But of course!)
Prague has fabulous stone buildings! And in mentioning stone, the sgraffito designs are not to be missed (from a lovely page featuring some of Prague's best art nouveau buildings).

Here's a personal photo gallery with an emphasis on architectural details that I also found when looking for examples of sgraffito.
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Let me add my kudos; your post makes me want to go back to Prague posthaste. (I also want to go back to Paris, but that's sort of a constant yearning.) The site doesn't seem to have gotten around to the palaces yet, so I'll link to this one, which includes my favorite example of sgraffito, the Schwartzenberg Palace. (And I'll tack on a plug for Kampa Park restaurant, with great food and the best view in town!)
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Published on July 4th, the Tarot of Prague uses statues, architecture and scenes of Prague to make an awesome full tarot deck. I'm nothing to do with the folks who produced it - I got my copy of the deck this week and I think it's very, very pretty!
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Although the quality of the pics could be improved, Eastern Europe looks more inviting than ever these days; the buildings and squares can finally be restored to their original, mysterious splendor and the amazingly gorgeous eastern european women finally have access to decent pantyhose, make-up (not that they actually need it) etc. Cities like Prague, Budapest and so on are likely to become the next trend in tourism , and rightly so.
ps: Prague is particularly fascinating for the Kafka references to the Castle and St.Vitus Cathedral ("The Trial").
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