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Public Art in Los Angeles, including murals. The Mural Conservancy of LA. Murals in Tucson. Loyalist and republican murals in Northern Ireland. The murals of Diego Rivera (at the Diego Rivera Web Museum). the Diego Rivera Mural Project.
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Also mural art, including pages on Jewish and African-American murals.
Previously linked :- the Mexican muralists.
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Sorry, the Tucson murals links is actually here.
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Great link.

Last time we were in L.A., we walked (on a Sunday) through the Federal Center toward Olivera St. and stumbled upon this amazing Tom Otterness work. It was so arresting that we asked the lone security guard about it. He informed us that there had been a some argument over the installation. We came back to NYC and discovered that he's got plenty of work here as well.
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(Sorry, I realize now I went off on the public art element rather than the I'll add that my friend Lee's nabe in Philly is covered with incredible murals by this guy.)
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Great stuff plep - I love this post. A few other good examples:

- Social and Public Art Resource Center - SPARC Murals - some great stuff that requires flash, including a tour of L.A.'s Great Wall

- Mural Art in Santa Cruz

- Kamau Mucoki's photo gallery of Public art in the Mission District of San Francisco

...and sometimes the mural art style can be carried into advertising too as seen in this Oakland taco truck art.
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Nice fpp plep

If you're ever visiting San Francisco (or if you live here for that matter) the Precita Eyes Mural Project has fantastic tours and lots of info on some of the cities best murals and artists.

One of my favorite murals here is the Duboce Bikeway Mural (largely because I used to pedal past it on my way home every day)

I used to live on Treat Street, a block over from Balmy Alley(self link), and everyone from out of town I took to see it claimed it was one of the highlights of SF. If you're ever in town, be sure to stop by.
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Neat post. I especially like the 1934 series of murals on science by Hugo Ballin on the Silverlake/East L.A. page. When I was a kid and we visited L.A. a number of times and would drive around looking at the murals. I thought those people were so lucky to have something like that.
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Thanks for the great link!
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