Tyler wins Stage 16!
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Tyler Hamilton on his win today in State 16 of the Tour de France. [via the brilliant notd tour blog]
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He's actually keeping a daily blog-type diary (when he can handle sitting down to type after riding all day with that broken collarbone) at his own site.
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monju, how can you not mention that he's ridden over a thousand miles (approx.; it sounds good) with a broken collarbone? Tyler Hamilton's performance in the Tour is only one of the amazing stories so far, and Armstrong still has to work hard in the next couple flat stages to make sure he can fend off a charge from Ullrich in the penultimate stage, an individual time trial. It's going to be a great finish.

This has been a fantastically interesting Tour de France. Since I don't have OLN (nor cable at all right now) and haven't seen any coverage, I need to buy the highlights tape after the Tour finishes. We've had crashes, comebacks, sportsmanship and great competition.

wait, is this post sports-related? Well, then, take it to SpoF...oh, just kidding.
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Sorry I left out the details, although they're pretty well covered in the links. I've been absolutely floored by the coverage on OLN. I can't wait for the time trial on Saturday.
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I've been absolutely floored by the coverage on OLN.

Don't make me jealous. You won't like me when I'm jealous. I just may crash on your couch.
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It was an incredible win by Tyler Hamilton. Living in Europe I'm often watching it live on TV, and Hamilton's win is going in the history books. Taking on one of the most difficult stages in the race injured and alone (though with a lot of help from the team-mates in the beginning) and holding off a charging peloton is the stuff of legends.

Combined with the powerful win by Armstrong yesterday the Americans have reasons to laud their compatriots.
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He went from dropped -- he had to call four teammates back to help him back into the peloton, to a 96km solo break, finishing almost two minutes ahead of the peloton.

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Second on the incredible OLN coverage, and on both Hamilton's accomplishment today and Armstrong's accomplishment overall.

But has anyone else aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa noticed that they uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh both seem to aaaaaaaaaa interview about the same way?
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OLN truly has had great coverage (sorry msacheson!). definitely beats the "Why do these bicyclists stay in such a large group?" commentary I get on the local news. I can't wait to see the finish.
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yhbc, I've noticed that. All I have so far concluded is that it is difficult to think coherently after five hours on bike. Empirical tests will have to wait, however, since my local roads are populated by terribly hazardous drivers and vehicles.

I too have been floored by the action in this year's Tour -- Lance is cutting things much closer than usual, but with his usual uncanny calm (he actually seems to be enjoying it more, if anything). Ulrich, Vinokourov and Hamilton have also really surprised me with their respective power and perseverance this year. Great racing, though I must say I am finding it difficult to concentrate on work in the mornings.
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DSS, with OLN standard + Tivo + 36" Toshiba = My Dad hanging out at my house every mid-morning.

Can't blame him. I got hooked on OLN's coverage when they first started. Watching the 3 hours of live coverage every day(blasting commercials with Tivo, and getting it down to two hours) really gives you a lot of insight into the day to day details.

And those bikes only weigh about 16(!!) pounds. Amazing.
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if you want to know more about the bikes velo news is doing their usual great coverage of the newest technology use on the tour.

i just wanna see Ullrich, as a fellow bianchi rider, put some pressure on Lance.
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You can get live audio over the net of each stage of the tour via eurosport (link in the left-hand menu, only works when the stage is on). It's just the audio commentary of their TV pictures, and you have to get used to David Duffield wittering away (though considering the man hasn't shut up for 5-6 hours a day for the last twenty stages, I think he deserves some sort of price), but it's well worth it - you do get Sean Kelly and Christy Anderson bringing some sanity to the proceedings.

Eurosport's TV coverage over this side of the Atlantic has been superb - almost every stage live from start to finish. Good commentary, great pictures, and the drama this year is quite unbelievable. Ullrich seemed to have Armstrong beaten after his immense time trial win but them Armstrong climbs away from them all on Monday - he had twenty seconds or so on Ullrich when he got caught up with a spectator and crashed, then lost his footing when his gears froze and almost came off again, got back up with the leaders and powered away from them again. Did you see him pat Chevalier on the back when he finally passed the Frenchman near the top? Beautiful gesture...

What a way to celebrate 100 years of the Tour!
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This has been the best tour in years, perhaps since Greg Lemond beat Laurent Fignon in the final stage on the Champs Elysees in Paris. Lance is showing weakness. Jan Ullrich, the diesel, is coming on strong and may very well take the tour in Saturday's time trial, and this after essentially being out of racing for a year. Most impressive of all has been Tyler riding the entire tour with a broken collar bone. Even if you have never liked or watched cycling, tune in to OLN this Saturday for the exciting finish. (Actually they finish on Sunday in Paris, but that stage is usually mostly for show. Perhaps this year if Lance and Jan are close enough they will duke it out on this last stage!)
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What a righteous Tour this has been! Excitement! Thrills! Shaved legs! Hell, I'd get a Tivo just for the Tour, though I'd have to make sure to see all the commericals with Bobke.

"Tour daaaay France..."
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Hamilton has been incredible. It looks like he has permanent wrinkles around his eyes from all the wincing. Simply incredible.

But has anyone else aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa noticed that they uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh both seem to aaaaaaaaaa interview about the same way?

It might, possibly have something to do with them both being Americans who learned what French they know only relatively recently, and who have just given interviews, in French, to French media immediately before the English-language interviews OLN does. (Those sounds being like ums, but with a French accent.) That and, as suggested above, they're probably a little tired.
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Ullrich is close but not sure he'll be able to take just over a minute out of Lance in Saturday's time trial.

It has been an amazing Tour this year and I agree as well that OLN's coverage has been outstanding. I'm even starting to like Bob Roll though could do without Kirsten what's her face...
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