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Mind the Gap... Karl Bushby braved the infamous and road-less Darien Gap in 2001 and is now trying to smuggle love into the Great White North. All while on one loooong walk from southern Chile to Kingston-upon-Hull, England.
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nice heels ache just thinking about this trek. i also note that The Darien Gap is a great movie, not just a trackless wasteland.
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A long, damp walk...
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From the "competition" section of the site:

The greatest distance for a round the world walker is 31,416 Kms claimed by Arthur Blessit of Florida, who beginning his journey on Christmas Day 1969, took over 26 years to complete. He has been to all seven continents, carrying a 12ft (3.7m) cross and preaching throughout his walk.

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Wow. I'm utterly amazed and overwhelmed, not only by this epic attempt, but also by the fact that somebody else has actually seen the movie The Darien Gap.
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I would have read about it, but they don't make a version of Internet Explorer for Linux, and, well, the site is best viewed in Internet Explorer. I'd hate to get some watered down experience. . .
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