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Trading on the Future of Terror [LA Times] The war on terrorism has come to this: The Pentagon is setting up a commodity-style market to use real investors — putting down real money — to help its generals predict terrorist attacks, coups d'etat and other turmoil in the Middle East. You can sign up here to bet on suicide bombings.
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You don't say?
posted by Zonker at 4:18 AM on July 29, 2003

Echo echo echo echo
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DELETE Delete Delete Delete
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And now, abandoned.
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Shame, I had a get rich quick scheme all worked out. The only work I had to do was press a button.
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It's too bad, these sorts of things are usually great at their purpose; that is, information dispersal. It only works with a large number of informed people playing, of course, but if it has that, it can do quite well.
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Damn...I missed it...oops.
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