Boeing 307 Stratoliner
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Flying Cloud flies for the last time On Wednesday, August 6, the last Boeing 307 Stratoliner landed at Dulles [WaPo; may require registration]. [more] [more] [more] This was the plane that ditched off Seattle in March, 2002 after being fully restored. Now, re-restored, it has arrived at its final destination, the Smithsonian's new Hazy Center. Dry eyes were a rare commodity.
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It sure is pretty, isn't it? Googallery here
posted by planetkyoto at 7:25 AM on August 7, 2003

oh man, I can't wait for the Hazy Center to open! Thanks, I didn't know about it. I've never been to the Mall in DC without going into the Air and Space museum, so I guess a road trip is in order.
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This plane... it floats?
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[this is good]

What a beautiful machine.
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Can any plane buff out there tell me what the most commonly used cargo/transport plane in WWII was? I have pictures of it in my head, from watching far too many old movies and History Channel specials, but for the life of me I can't remember its designation.
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The Smithsonian's Boeing 307 page.

on preview: pjgulliver, is the DC-3 (aka "Gooney Bird") what you're thinking of?
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In military use, the DC-3 was the C-47. There were some modifications, like a cargo door big enough to get a Jeep through, and the necessary beefing-up around it.
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From Vidiot's link:
After the aircraft was damaged by a hurricane, it was scrapped and its fuselage converted into a posh houseboat known as the "Cosmic Muffin."
The article doesn't say when this occurred but I bet I could guess within a decade.
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Thanks Vidiot and ROU, that's exactly what I was thinking of. Ok, now I have to go home and watch the air armada scene from "A Bridge Too Far" again.....
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