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Rescue Rangers! : of mice and mayhem. Quite possibly the most... profesionally realized fanfic project I've ever seen. The Disney-level (and above) quality of the draftsmanship is, for me, what distinguishes this magnum opus of Rescue Rangers devotion from the teeming, frothing hordes. I hesitate to be too harsh because, well, just look at it. There's a lot of love, time, and devotion in this gigantic comic which the man supplies to the world for free. That said, I feel it would benefit from two robots and a man named Joel up front and being frank (so to speak).
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I can't believe I just sat there and read the entire thing.

Although fan art/comics are nothing new, I'm pretty damn amazed at this too -- that's a heck of a lot of time and effort for something that's just his hobby.

(Then again, I've got a website that's nearly 300mb of fan-created stuff. So I'm not one to talk.)
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Very nice. It's also too bad that the attention will probably also result in the knuckle dragging lawyers at Disney squashing it :(
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Ch-ch-ch-chip and dale,
rescue rangers!
Ch-ch-ch-chip and dale,
when there's danger!
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Three years... This guy has a lot of time spare.

BTW I'd like to see Frank Miller or this guy draw some "more "adult"" Uncle Scrooge novels too.
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For someone who once had a huge TV crush on Gadget, this is like a dream come true. It puts to shame my own Wordstar-based ST:TNG-RR crossover fanfics from high school. *sob*
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I didn't mean "adult" comics, just something with a decent story, lenght and depht. Maybe we just need to clone or re-animate Carl Barks.
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XQUZYPHYR, that's why there's Rangerphiles Against Gadget Erotica. Make sure to grab a badge for your Web site.
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Three years... This guy has a lot of time spare.

Why is this inevitably said when someone works hard to create art that we don't understand or admire? The guy's happy he made the comic; I'm happy for him.

And thanks for that excellent link, hyperizer.
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So apparently MeFi leans to the right of the map... :)

Damn good art though. Tailspin next? Darkwing Duck maybe?
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Cool work, but really... didn't the "cute geeky girl gets captured and turned into a killing machine" plot device wear out its welcome ages ago?

qDot: I'd be on board for a Tailspin WWII-esque fanwork. Tailspin was sooooo neat.

Or maybe a Darkwing Duck / Freakazoid crossover. Oh yeah. That'd be the stuff.
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I've not seen many Western fan comics this well done, but in Japan the "doujinshi" scene is quite the industry, with unofficial comics being published and sold. Predictably, many of these are adult in nature, but certainly not all of them. Although just like fanfic, there's a tendency for authors to create "yaoi" stories of male relationships.

As a quick example, here's a page with some Inu Yasha doujinshi scans.
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Jesus fucking christ, someone could have warned me it was 230 pages before I got so into it.

"So how did you spend your day today Stan?"

"Oh, spent 2 hours reading a Rescue Rangers Fan Fic. Chip fucked Gadget and Dale fucked a Bat."

".......Don't call me ever again."
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[this is good]
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Really great. I'm with Stan - had no idea it would be so long - but thoroughly enjoyed it. Great link, kavasa.

And for those of you who who think he wasted 3 years of his life - come on, he did the project for himself and only when he had time on his hands. I think it's a way cool side-project and wish I had anything nearly as creative to show for 3 years' worth of spare time. Man, I have got to get a hobby...
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Not bad. Not bad at all. Nice link, kavasa.

Sadly, if the Disney lawyers don't get him the lawyers for the special guest on page 184 might. Luckily, he's always got that "official party band to the King of Morocco" thing to fall back on.
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Great stuff. Hopefully Disney will see that it's guys like this that keep the brand alive, but I'm not holding my breath on that point.
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This is really good. I read the whole thing as well.

I wonder of he should be doing something other than music?? It's pretty remarkable to see someone take a fan-level interest and go this much further with it. Thanks for the link.
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