Four fly games
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Four fly games: be the fly, flysui, fly eatin' and Mimi La Mouche. (flash alert)
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The chopstick game is absolutely infuriating.
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I'm pretty fly for a white guy.

Double ARGGGHHH on the chopsticks game
posted by filmgoerjuan at 8:12 AM on August 31, 2003

Anyone familiar with the band, Clinic, that's apparently the sponsor of the first link? That background song rocks - what is it?

[this is great!]
posted by notsnot at 9:30 AM on August 31, 2003

notsnot: The song is called "The Second Line". For more Clinic check this.
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thanks, sos.
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Clinic's flash rules.
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Just got a 100 on the Chopsticks game.

You kinda have to get into 'The Zone' and you'll pretty much stay at 50+ seconds until you get bored.
posted by Stan Chin at 10:59 PM on August 31, 2003

maybe it's a cultural thing, stan, you zen master, you.
posted by crunchland at 5:43 AM on September 1, 2003

Jesus I hate stan.
posted by jonson at 8:31 PM on September 1, 2003

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