Behind the curtain - retro Russia
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Mimosa is a retro look at Russia through engaging and often playful snapshots - it has all the feel of rummaging through a box of photos in an attic. Communist Store Windows offers another, more recent glimpse behind the iron curtain. Both galleries are like shots of peppered vodka.
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What great time spent. My favorite.
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Delightful collection of pictures.
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I love old family photos and vintage window dressing--and now a vast, ad hoc museum of a great failing utopia: sweet and bittersweet with ironies.
Valeri has new vehicle!
New Hungarian Socialist Peoples Breast Pump!
Wonderful postage, madamejj.
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awesome mj
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For more, see Dziga Vertov's Man With a Movie Camera, an avant garde silent film documenting the everyday life of a the Russian citizen. Recently redone with a new score from Cinematic Orchestra.
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I'd say you should try to see Man With A Movie Camera without the Cinematic Orchestra's godawful jazz-funk lite stylings. I saw them soundtrack the film live a couple of times last year, and they damn near ruined it with a clunkingly unsubtle interpretation. (The Michael Nyman score is better, and best of all is the Alloy Orchestra's based on Vertov's own notes).

Sorry, that was blindingly off-topic - great links madamjujujive!
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so, what's so funny about the pictures in "catch the humour?" Or is that the joke? great find, juju.
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Great. Thanks mjjj.
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wonderful : >
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Wow, cool find!
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This is wonderful. There's still a great deal of nostalgia for these days, now that eastern European cities are awash in neon lights and billboards for things like delicious, ice-cold Pepsi Bluetm.

What I mean is that even though most people are wealthier now, and drive something a bit better than the lawn-mowers of yesteryear, you'll still find a lot of people who speak fondly of these days of deprivation. They don't want to go back to communism, but they don't necessarily regret it either. Individual results vary, of course.

Also: I don't use the word "hero" very often, but madamj3 is the greatest hero in Metafilterian history.
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Wow. Very cool. Did anyone think this one was kind of creepy?
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I am reminded of this, which is also very cool and is even topical.
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That is one excellent link, funkbrain, and I hadn't seen it before - thanks for posting it!
And iamck, thanks for the pointer - that's new to me too.

...awww, Ljubljana, you are sweet! / blushes
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