Ciudades Mexicanas del Patrimonio de la Humanidad
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Mexican World Heritage Cities - a beautiful site (flash) developed by an association of the nine Mexican cities on the world heritage list. In English or Spanish. (via Vigna-Maru)
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Wow! That was dizzy-making. I wish all the other Unesco sites could get the same treatment.

Thanks for the lovely eyewash, Juju! :)
posted by MiguelCardoso at 5:33 AM on September 14, 2003

Oaxaca. . .. .I absolutely love going there. . .Thanks for the little hit of Mexico this morning
posted by Danf at 8:11 AM on September 14, 2003

Very nice. Thanks mjjj.
posted by plep at 8:35 AM on September 14, 2003

Planning a little trip, are we, madam? I recommend Guanajuato. Not that I've ever been there, but I'd love to go: intriguing legends, underground streets, mysterious mummies (plus more mummy images).

Go there! Go there!
posted by taz at 8:37 AM on September 14, 2003

Doesn't work in Mozilla/Linux. I get redirected to a non-existent error page.
posted by gimonca at 10:51 AM on September 14, 2003

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