Purple graze?
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Purple carrots are to be sold by a UK supermarket. But it's orange carrots that are the gimmick. Most wild carrots are purple or white. Orange carrots were created by patriotic 16th Century Dutch farmers from a mutant variety, to match their national colour.
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That second link lists the little bullet point that "carrot juice was used to make butter a more appealing color in the middle ages," which is confusing if carrots were primarily purple or white at the time... unless people find grey an appealing color for butter.
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Arrr, they make me one unpatched eye see better, but they leave me all a-scurvy. Yarrr. That be a treacherous orange root.
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Any pirate worth their salt has a talking carrot on their shoulder, but I thought they were multi-coloured. No, wait...
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That Times Online link requires a registration and paid subscription to view.
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I like how a 'mutant strain' introduced manually back then can take over the whole market. I'm still waiting for the purple 'organic' carrots to show up in my local store...
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Everything you want to know about the carrot can be found at the World Carrot Museum. At my farm, I grow white, purple, red, yellow, and even a few orange carrots.
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And for all this time I thought I was being strange refering to Sainsbury's Blue Carrot Parade, when I was really appearing to be highly inteligent. Or something.
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ewagoner, I'd love to hear more about how you set up your farm, and the good, bad, and ugly of the economics and logistics of doing it.

My dream, or one of them at least, you'd be living.
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I get purple organic carrots all the time from my friendly neighbourhood organic growers. Um . . . arr.
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So, if you really want to have fun, next time ye go to the local organic hippie store, and you see orange carrots there, insist that the manager come over and explain to you why these genetically engineered monstrosities are allowed near the other pristine organic produce.

Arrrr, I've me a mind to go to that right now.
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Well, first, the carrots in that ananova picture hardly look purple. If they're hoping that color will make kids want to eat them... whatever. But does anyone know if the non-orange carrots have significantly less beta-carotene? Common sense would say yes... but then, common sense would also say "carrots have always been orange," so... just wondering.
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Russell Crowe buys the veggies for Sainsbury's?! When does the poor guy find time to make films?
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Maroon, sure. Purple, no way. Thanks, stonerose.
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Fuck Sainsburys. Oooo, we're re-introducing old varieties & doing good things. Apart from totally shafting UK farming & screwing every small grocer out of business. Grrrr. Arrr. A-harrr.
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