Shakespeare photographs
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Cleveland Press Shakespeare Photographs Er, no, not photographs of Shakespeare--that would be difficult--but of Shakespeare's plays in performance, 1870-1982. Covers productions in all media; photographs can be browsed by dramatic genre (tragedy, comedy, etc.). On a related note, see also Harry Rusche's Shakespeare Illustrated (outstanding and extensive site devoted to nineteenth-century paintings of scenes from Shakespeare's plays).
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Nice link. I've always loved stills from stage productions. Then there's the added kick of seeing a young Tom Hanks performing in some early stage roles.
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[this is good]
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Groovy. I'm glad you posted this.

Ben Kenobi and friend, 1976.
Cleopatra, 1917.
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I really hadn't realised how many old men had played Romeo over the years. And I wish someone would get around to making a film of 'Measure For Measure' in the noir-thriller style it deserves.
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Ack! A pox on "updated" Shakespeare set upon a foolishly inappropriate backdrop. Save me from Falstaff in the bayou with gators nipping at his ass. No more MacBeth with tommyguns and molls. King Lear wasn't a cowboy and Othello never heard of Viet-Nam.
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Oh well yes, but done well, more contemporary settings can really illuminate a play. Branagh's 'Love's Labour's Lost' was a joy and certainly better than raw version of the play which is a bit simplistic anyway. Although as you say, done badly it can be just awful. I once saw Macbeth in a WW1 setting. Nooooo....
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