24 Hours of Moab
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"As team names went, Victory 2 Vagina was almost run-of-the-mill. There were also the Blazing Saddle Sores, the Weapons of Ass Destruction, and Nocturnal Mission". Welcome to the 24 Hours of Moab, which some consider the country's toughest 24-hour mountain bike race.
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Pish posh, in Moab they don't climb a 14er in the middle of the night real men (and women) race Montezuma's Revenge--present poster excluded of course, I'd use the excuse that I'm old and weak but Rishi Grewal is 5 months older than me so I'll just say I'm weak (and a roadie).
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Pish posh, in France, they don't stop after 24 hours. L'Audax Club Parisien sponsors, every four years, the Paris-Brest-Paris race. Rules are basic. Start in Paris, France. Ride to Brest, France, on Atlantic Coastline. Ride back. You have 90 hours. It's 1200km -- or, for those on this side of the pond, 750 miles. Bring lights. They're required.

Those not wanting to wait can check out the versions we have here. The most notable is the Boston-Montreal-Boston Same rules, same distance, same time. More hills -- the PBP only hits you with about 20,000 vertical feet, the BMB is well over 30,000 feet of climbs, with a stunning 15% grade into Middlebury, Vermont. I'd suggest a triple chainring.

Since they don't want people falling out all over the place, both the PBP and BMB insist that you prove that you understand the problem set by completing a series of Brevets, in order -- 200km, 300km, 400km and 600km (124, 186, 248 and 372 miles) in the same year as the PBP or BMB that you are trying to ride. Finish them all, and you've ridden 2700km -- or 1674 miles.
And, if that's not enough, there's the Rocky Mountain 1200. Same race, same rules, plus Canadian Rockies. No fourteeners, alas, but I think the the terrain is adequate. Layers are suggested. Lights, again, are required.

BTW, I have not done this, but as I get more in shape, the temptation does call. I did ride 73 miles today, and picked up a lovely road rash. I really can't recommend lithobraking.
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I wasn't dissing the randonneurs, mind you, I'm a roadie myself and did plenty of long hauls in my day.

No fourteeners, alas, but I think the the terrain is adequate.

Sadly even the longest of Colorado brevets are lacking in altitude, the 1200km goes to Kansas and back. The shorter ones are much more challenging.
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When I was in College there was an inner-tube water polo team called "The Floating Buttholes". The ONLY reason to read the intramural sports results in the Aggie was for the team names. Of course, some people complained about the names being to rude or sexist or something and they got censored eventually.
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One of these days, baby, my buddies and I will be at Moab. And when we've slogged through it all, we'll swear up and down never to do something as stupid as that again. Until we decide to do one of these other mad races...

Jebus. And I thought Escape From Alacatraz was tough.
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