Fortunately, no one died when trying to rescue this poor guy
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Fortunately, no one died when trying to rescue this poor guy who got stuck in the bottom of his outhouse for three days. He later described having hallucinations, and being trapped inside with rats, snakes and various other lovelies. I'd have to agree that comparing his ordeal to "Bible's Hell" would seem appropriate enough. ugh
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He wasn't actually in the pit. There was an underfloor where he got caught, supported by beams and rusty nails, but unable to climb out due to his disability.
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If I hear any disparaging comments about banjo pickers, there'll be Hell to pay . . .

About the subfloor - while hardly an outhouse architect, I'm wondering how this works. Wouldn't the 'stuff' pile up on the subfloor? Every outhouse I've had the pleasure of using (and there have been quite a few) opened up into a gaping maw of feculence.
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This article simply reinforces my dislike for outhouses and my wish not to die anywhere near a bathroom of any sort. Wow. Yuck. It was kind of hard to believe, as I was reading it, that something like that actually happened - right down to the banjo on the front porch. Hmm.... Methinks indoor plumbing for this guy would definitely be a good idea.
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