He may not get to the mountaintop
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Mr. Civil Rights reaches out Other, bigger fish ex-CEOs of companies brought down to earth by major accounting, shall we say, woes, may be keeping quiet, even if they haven't been convicted of anything. But not former HealthSouth exec and would-be platinum girl group-manager Richard M. Scrushy, who not only has flaunted his wealth as of late, but produced a personal web site that plays up his humble Alabama roots and which, in a totally bizarre fashion, links his struggle to the Civil Rights Movement. (Note: The site's all screwed up on Mozilla, designed strictly for IE.)
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and it shows!
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HealthSouth spokesman Andy Brimmer said directors approved the options at Scrushy's urging on Feb. 4, 2002, with the understanding Mottola would serve on a committee looking at "entertainment strategies" Scrushy was pursuing for the company, which offers rehabilitation and outpatient surgery services.

Comic gold.
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Scrushy had a fairly large, bronze sculpture of himself built in Birmingham. It's kind of weird...
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Oops... here's a picture of it.
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ph00dz: The statue was removed by the company after local disk jockeys asked listeners to "liberate" HealthSouth by toppling the statue.
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i heard that scrushy hired a the big brother from the wonder years as some sort of advertising director for healthsouth, even though he had no experience, because he wanted the entertainment ties.

the word was that the wonder years guy apparently was such an innefective, insecure, unpopular manager, that he felt he had to hire people who would report directly to him and their only job would be spying on his subordinates.
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Scrushy. Say it with me. Scrushy. Scrushy.

How can a man with a fun name like that be bad?
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