Forgot to Celebrate D-Day, Sister Woman.
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What Does D-Day, MLK JR and Tennessee Williams have in common? NO, not that D-Day. The other D-Day.

The forgotten D-Day. May 2nd 1963 The Children's March aka D-Day. The D-Day that was orginized by C.O.R.E's own James Bevel.
C.O.R.E's Most famous voice was MLK, but there was another member just off stage right (Tennesse Williams cast her on stage in his 1955 Broadway masterpiece, and again as the same character in the 1958 film), working closely with Dr. King. In 1963 she was arrested in a freedom walk, jailed, made an example of, and sentenced to six months hard labor for "Endangering the Customs and Mores of the People of Alabama". Her lawyer, Fred Gray, was the first African-American lawyer to represent a white woman south of the Mason–Dixon Line.

She was typecast. Later in life she got work on The Flying Nun.

She is Canadian. She is a Quaker. She is that woman. Her story if full of small discrepancies, and missing information. She, along with the Children's March is mostly forgotten, but Sister Woman is Alive!
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Last Night I went the the theatre, to see a local production of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof here in Springfield at the Landers.
The Movie has been a huge favorite of mine for years. Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Newman, Burl Ives. What's not to love. The movie is toned down from it's original homosexual themes, unlike the original play. I would recommend both, as there are differences I'd be more than happy to discuss with anybody that want's.
Mrs. Missouri was in the audience last night, but she wasn't enough to stop a large part of the audience from walking out at intermission, due to the tones of queerness.

I found it reassuring believing that Tennessee himself would be proud that 60 years later, his play is STILL making white old people uncomfortable.
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Madeleine Sherwood has become a hero to me in the last 12 hours.
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Before I checked the [more inside], I was going with "all born in the South," but I was thinking of the other other D-Day.
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Thank you for this post, for so many reasons!
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