Trojan Games
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The Trojan Games (as in Trojan condoms.) Forget the Olympics, this is where true champions rise to greatness. NSFW. [Via Milk and Cookies.]
posted by homunculus (10 comments total)

Those are totally fake.
posted by Mushkelley at 12:20 PM on November 4, 2003

Well, duh. But pretty funny...
posted by twsf at 12:28 PM on November 4, 2003

That's hysterical. Gods, I adore the Brits.
posted by dejah420 at 1:17 PM on November 4, 2003

Why, if this is for a UK audience, would the USA be leading in the medal table? Is it because Trojan has been the #1 brand in the states for 80 years and are new in the UK?
posted by Feisty at 1:44 PM on November 4, 2003

Beautiful. And that ass on Ruthie-Lou is not bad either. /8th grade

On preview, Feisty: because the English don't win any major sporting events. But they are damn good at comedy.
posted by Dick Paris at 1:48 PM on November 4, 2003

Can one of you Latin types translate the motto for us? "Qui Ultimus Vene, Primus Venit" I'm sure it's about coming last to come first or something like that.
posted by MiG at 6:05 PM on November 4, 2003

"He who comes last, comes [in] first."
posted by Mayor Curley at 7:04 PM on November 4, 2003

Vidi, Vici, Veni.
posted by notsnot at 10:21 PM on November 4, 2003

Some lovely events they got there.


Hooo Boy.
posted by RubiX^3 at 10:22 PM on November 4, 2003

great laugh!
posted by ruelle at 3:17 AM on November 5, 2003

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