Advice on anything except sport
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Need advice? Ask Pud. Having apparently created a good income for himself, Pud will tell you how to do it too. And let you know what his kit's like. And brief you on the future of your career in the IT industry. And give you a tip on street food in NY. And tell you the quickest way to learn French. And he gets to the point about chickens and eggs pretty quick too.
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Damn. Pud stole my idea of becoming the internet's very own "Dear Abby."
posted by davidmsc at 4:27 AM on December 8, 2003

I think I enjoyed those links more than I should have.
posted by shoepal at 6:13 AM on December 8, 2003

Yay! I'm a sucker for internet advice columns.
posted by furiousthought at 7:20 AM on December 8, 2003

Damn sight better than Cary Tenis! I think I'll send an email to Salon...
posted by PigAlien at 9:24 AM on December 8, 2003

Pretty cool. Thanks for the link!
posted by dobbs at 9:43 AM on December 8, 2003

Yay! I'm a sucker for internet advice columns.

Have I mentioned that I write Dear Winifred - Odd Advice for Strange People? (obviously a self link, no?) You can even get it on your RSS reader.
posted by dejah420 at 11:17 AM on December 8, 2003

Thank you! Want more. I already read the Vine and the Rabbit Blog (which sort of qualifies) and I stand firmly with the universe in loathing Cary Tenis: any others?
posted by furiousthought at 12:36 PM on December 8, 2003

Wow. Surprisingly honest, straightforward, and non-sarcastic. I guess Pud isn't a one-trick-pony after all.
posted by Down10 at 12:38 PM on December 8, 2003

His IT industry career advice strikes me as stupid. Move to India? Why, so you can be unemployed on the other side of the globe too? There are plenty of qualified native workers available on the Subcontinent, and even if there weren't, it's my understanding that most Indian firms would hire an Indian over a foreigner any day. It's another country, folks; they don't have the Equal Opportunity Employment Act over there. You're not One Of Them, and you don't offer an employer any skills they couldn't get from someone who is.

I could be completely wrong, but that's what I've heard.
posted by kindall at 12:48 PM on December 8, 2003

Most of the advice is pretty good. Not bad pud, not bad at all.

Too bad the FC boards are unreadable.
posted by Yossarian at 1:41 PM on December 8, 2003

There was a period when the FC boards were quite funny indeed, but that moment has passed. What I don't understand is that Pud's main site is called Fucked Company, and yet he puts little red crosses over his own raised middle fingers.

If you're going to do it, go all the way dude.
posted by Spacelegoman at 3:26 PM on December 8, 2003

Pud's very versatile....almost like a swiss army knife with hundreds of different gadgets.

He's good in varied weather too. In fact, he's a Pud for all seasons.
posted by troutfishing at 4:25 PM on December 8, 2003

I just found


Pud loses. Matt wins. Can't wait to see this with categories, and meta-tags, and a rating system. This is advice I'd pay money for.
posted by iffley at 2:16 PM on December 11, 2003

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