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'Blog Jam' on BBC World's ClickOnline this week - Tayfun King investigates the world of Blogging, meets Salam Pax, the famous Baghdad Blogger, and asks how the trend may affect politics and earn people money in the future. (Is Salam Pax ever going to get rid of this ugly template?)
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Can someone help me out here? I just can't understand why blogs are so big - except, of course, for celebrity blogs like Salam Pax and others.

Is my assumption correct that most blogs are just so-so journals that are read by no more than a few people?
posted by TheFarSeid at 6:51 PM on December 15, 2003

Well, there's MetaFilter...
posted by Vidiot at 9:14 PM on December 15, 2003

I think that a large segment of the people who hype Weblogs hope that their blogs will give them fame and fortune a la the Internet-bubble days. There have been cutting remarks on this subject in previous threads.

The article itself jumps right into the money issue, which is disconcerting. Like, "OK, fine, blogging... how do we milk it for cash?!" Getting into blogging for money is like getting into writing for money. Not a good idea!
posted by halonine at 11:20 PM on December 15, 2003

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