Politics and strange bedfellows
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Politics and strange bedfellows It's like slowing down to watch a car wreck, but more compelling. It's the scene from "Waiting to Exhale," when Angela Bassett took a match to her husband's belongings, writ large. It's probably not the start of a take-no-shorts stance from more political wives, as exemplified by the Giuliani/Hanover ruckus in New York, but it's still noteworthy: I never heard of Coretta Scott King, Effi Barry, Jackie Jackson or any other African American political wife doing something like this before.
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Lovely audio and images on Kimble's web site. A real class act.
posted by MrMoonPie at 1:19 PM on August 30, 2000

It's like slowing down to watch a car wreck involving guests of the Jerry Springer Show.

This Kimble fella seems to be one Grade-A freak (I'm not sure what to say about Mrs. Wynn).
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I know what to say about Mrs. Wynn... that she's playing the race card in one of the ugliest ways possible.

I have *no* doubt that she's hurting, and if her allegation is true it had to be a hell of a slap in the face, but what her marriage has to do with his ability to serve as a legislator I don't know, to say nothing of the skin color of the woman her husband (allegedly) is now with.
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I liked this:
"I'm not motivated by any kind of spite," said Jessie Wynn, who wed the congressman in 1994. Kimble, she said, "is the best person to represent us in the 4th District."
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I find this ordeal incredibly sad. No spite my ass.
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No, spite my ass. Nose, bite my ass.

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Geez. This kind of action makes you think that leaving Jessie Wynn for another woman, white or otherwise, was the right thing to do.
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There is no honor among thieves.
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