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Dentokogei. A site 'devoted to showcasing the work of the shokunin, or artisans, still working and carrying on the traditions of handcraft production in Japan. '
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Great stuff, plep.

This site reminded me of the stunning quality and detail of traditional Korean embroidery. More here. It's hard to believe sometimes that it's just threads sewn by hand.
posted by hama7 at 8:48 AM on January 11, 2004

Very nice! I adore Japanese handicraft arts, especially kimono art, and I've always been fascinated by the "mon" (or "ka-mon") family crests, some nice examples of which can be found on our old favorite, Cultural Entomology. Also, some interesting information on motifs in Japanese textiles here.
posted by taz at 10:06 PM on January 11, 2004

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