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Comprehensive collection of photo tutorials. There are a lot of great photo instruction sites out there, I found this one to be exceedingly helpful, with a wide range of well written tutorials and tips. Some of my favorites, meteor shower photos, blended exposures, color theory, street photography, and on location shooting.
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Thanks Jonah. Here are some GR1 and photo sites folks might be interest in as well.
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Dolt! I meant "interested in." sigh.
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I've heard is a pretty good photo resource, too.

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This tutorial on Photoshop Curves really helped me "get" what Curves were all about when I started expanding on my l337 P-sh0p sk!llz0rz.
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This is a really helpful site. I found it a few months ago, from one of metafilter's members profiles, but I can't remember who. One of my favorite photo sites is It allows people to submit photos for others to critique. I've posted some of my photos here, and have really learned a lot from the comments that others leave.
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Oh, I forgot to mention that has a forum section where you can ask specific photo related questions, and other members will answer them.
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Popular Photography magazine is also an excellent resource, I visit their forums daily.
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I have used Photosig, which is pretty similar to with critiques and tips. I just found out it has been blocked by my work now, probably because people post nudes there.
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I'm really surprised that this hasn't been linked on MeFi before. LL is a very well-known site among amateur digital photographers, sometimes more for the controversy Reichmann's opinions on equipment spark than anything else. Despite this, I can't count the number of newbie questions I've deflected with a quick link to one of his tutorials, or used them as a quick reference myself. It's definitely worth a few bookmarks.

Photosig has been spiraling downhill since the changes they've made. A lot of people on there now post photos just to shock others and land themselves on the controvery list, as well as shamelessly comment link. Shame, that.
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I have noticed that about Photosig, it seems like the only photos that get rated are nude, raunchy or both.
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Metafilter seems to have a surprising amount of art photographer sites (often described as "haunting"), historical photos, photography tips etc. Not a bad thing particularly, just saying.
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That's a lot of links. I would've stopped at PhotoFilter. It's good to be lazy.
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Yeah, those just go back to mid-2003. There are 3 times as many as that, of course (and the ones I missed).
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