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While there are a million blogs about cheese sandwiches and how lame fifth period trig class is, it's always great to hear when blogs actually help give a voice to those that never had one. Iranian women don't have much say in society, but thanks to blogs, they are now finding they have a voice as they're read by thousands around the world. Of course they've still got some net censorship in Iran, but this is a great start.
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speaking of censorship and iran ... via
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Sure it gives them a voice, but will/has it change(d) anything?

More often than not I see activism on blogs as preaching to the choir, more than actually affecting anything besides things involving and occurring on the internet itself.
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friends tell friends tell friends, and being allowed to speak builds self-confidence.
Juan Cole has a great links page, and Everyone should read this one in particular. Don't miss the third post down.
Perhaps someone smarter than me can can set up a mechanism for donations to these courageous women, preferably using PayPal. (ease of use = more donations)
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