Now this is what I call Reality TV.
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Now this is what I call Reality TV.
I'm surprised we haven't seen more incidents like this outside or around Wrestling shows, or am I missing something? Just for the record, the TV show marred by this tragedy was BattleDOME, NOT BattleBOTS (otherwise, it would have been a pickup truck stabbing an SUV, right?).
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I hope this isn't too obscure a news story to fit in with Jason Krannke's new tagline for MetaFilter. Anyway, I've started a thread in MetaTalk for the inevitable hoopla over K's comment. And I expect to see some hoopla NOW!
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Because unlike your prejudiced statement implies, wrestling fans are mostly a bunch of good natured folks who are quite able to seperate fantasy from reality.
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No, you are in fact missing something.
posted by tranquileye at 11:37 PM on September 8, 2000

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