213 Things
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The 213 things Skippy is no longer allowed to do in the US Army are outlined here for all the world to enjoy... I just wish that I understood all the lingo. Still funny as hell, though. [Via Airbag]
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Metafilter's really becoming "Look at this forward I missed back in 1997" lately.
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I got to #23 before I started laughing out loud. Well worth a repost.
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This is skippy's third goround.

But I must admit it's funny every time.
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My gut hurts from this list. Thanks for the laughs
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214. Must search to ensure no one else has previously posted the same link, because not doing so is an act of terrorism.
215. Must self righteously chastise others for their terrorist leanings when they double post a link.
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Sorry folks... they used a different URL, and until the search function works properly, I'm just going to rely on the URL check in the posting area. I read Metfilter religiously... but still don't have every post committed to memory.


At least it's a funny double (or triple) post.
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*actually, I'm not a Mets fan. I read Metafilter religiously.
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I got this in my email a few months ago, and I can tell you, it's worth the read. Why? Because if you send a link to that page to ten people, a gift certificate from Outback Steakhouse magically appears on your screen at exactly 8:05 PM! I swear, it happened to me! This really works! Oh, and some guy named goatse called, he wants his year back. (whatever that means.)
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Don't fret about it, Silas. If you're going to accidentally repost something, you could do far worse than this. Haven't looked at Skippy's list in a while and it is still a hoot.
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The Irish MPs are not after 'Me frosted lucky charms'.

Worth it for that alone.

Nice work.
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I needed a chuckle today. Thanks.
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52."Not allowed to yell 'Take that Cobra' at the rifle range."

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If you hadn't double (or triple, whatever) posted this, I never would have seen it, so thanks! :) Definitely made my day.

95. "I am not in need of a more suitable host body."

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I would've liked to have been in this guy's unit for the sheer entertainment value.
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176. Any device that can crawl across the table on medium, does not need to be brought into the office.

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